Make use of Yii::$app->request->headers for Browser Headers
Automatically add img-responsive to images
Removed Yii::powered()
Fix: Barcode & QrCode after updates
Various minor fixes
DownloadController on short domain
New page: Barcode Generator
Switched TimePicker
Assets on seperate subdomain
Following PSR-1
Avoiding Code Climate Issues
Rebuild QR Code Generator
vCard QR Code
Update exclude_paths
Merge common.php
Better sync between the domains
Multi domain
Correcting symlink
Added symlink to identical file
Additional form styling
Usuario form styling
Role-based access control initialisation
Restore admin profile update
Moving from dektrium to 2amigos
New page: QR Code Generator
Optional PDF in Articles
Album lightbox in 800px
Link to website on artist page (requested by Felix Marc)
Use ArrayHelper after HttpClient
Increase cyclomatic complexity to 20
Removed unused variables
Using rank in WeeklyArtistChart
Use phpversion for ETag
Usage of getValue
Unified usage of httpclient
Fix: embed
Video class
Easier handling of secrets
Combined Youtube API calls
Console status checking of lyrics media
Lightbox for album overview covers
Covers in album overview
Create css from console
Moving commands
yt might cause confusion
Faster handling of video
Reduce queries while making album pdf
Improved lastUpdate on albums
Admin can view more
htmlEncode on user input
Reduce memory footprint
Fixing some validation errors/warnings
Album covers
Disambiguation and featuring for lyrics
Do not refresh phonetic alphabet page after submit
Preventing duplicate ids from cache
Official videos on lyrics page
Include PDF files in sitemap
Simplified sitemap model
Return instance of XMLWriter
Moving search widget into template
More type casting
Getting rid of some validation errors
Remove carousel from index
YAML files are unknown
Increasing mass_threshold for PHP test
Typo fix
More online quality checks
Better flow
Added better logic and consistency
Using 'unused' private methods
Testing type hinting
Renamed models/MenuItems to models/Menu
Add carousel to index
Load MenuItems directly on home
Better handling of meta tags
Various small changes
Preventing double content
Webhook cleanup
Improved mobile usage
Cleanup changelog table
Updated title of Lyrics pdf
Moved functions to private
Merged files of Phonetic Alphabet to model
Added Frictionless Data as source
Fix: Single Responsibility Principle violation
New page: Time Zone Converter
Title fixes
Link Geoname ID
Changing table to div
Some little fixes to Country page
New page: Country information
Calculate from redeemDate
Group PHP modules by version
Fix: date calculation
Decrease Cyclomatic Complexity
Avoid variables with short names
Fix: Unable to run the duplication engine without any languages enabled.
Disabled Identical code check in codeclimate (too many false positives)
Exclude PhoneticAlphabet code from codeclimate duplication test
Unused use statement should be avoided
Admin page for PHP & modules verions
Optimization user.getweeklyartistchart for user profile
Have codeclimate check php only
Capslock detector on password field in login form
Fix: Unparsable .codeclimate.yml configuration file
Disable static access check
Avoid unused parameter
Optional file attachment on Contact form
Usage of Html::ul on start page
Check to convert digits
Optional: do not convert numbers
Code Climate support
Enhanced profile saving
Changed drop cap in profile
Removed credits page
Run toMarkdown on ready
Simplified html-to-markdown.js
New page: HTML to Markdown converter
Cleanup in Formatter jspack
Form character counter as generic javascript
Fix: lastUpdate in sitemap feed
Extended SettingsController is not longer required
Removing trailing whitespaces
HTLM5 form elements
No limit for tagcloud
Code optimalisation
Register Formatter model in Application
Simplified clipboard.js
Added clipboard.js
Added tooltip.js
Moved some JavaScript to seperate js files
Add domain to rss category
sourceName will not be used; removed
Added sourceName and sourceUrl to model Articles
Fix: valid RSS feed
Create RSS feed with XMLWriter
Create sitemap feed with XMLWriter
Add cache for minified JavaScript
Use JavascriptPacker when possible
Use JShrink
Proper usage of Alert class
Rename ArticlesBase to BaseArticles
Better usage of Yii functions
Fixed typo
Make use of TimestampBehavior class
Moved article URL to afterfind
Format articles in afterfind function
Fix: missing items in sitemap feed
Delete temporary code
Move file_exists check to model
Fix: cached csrf tokens
Added recent comments
Moved runtime to XDG_CACHE_HOME
Navbar is not selectable
Rebuild widget Item
Fix: anchor now has a class for correct targeting
Fix: querybuilder for lyrics
Use new function intdiv()
Removed some CSS overhead
Setting tab indent to 4
Added EditorConfig
Moved the Sitemap model to the correct new location
Moved RSS & Sitemap to new FeedController
Renamed Comment to Comments
Renamed Post to Articles
Tooltips in Tag Cloud
Renamed model General to Formatter
Fix: pjax error in forms
Rewrite of Lyrics engine
afterFind event must be triggered
Article URL can differ from title
Introduced some PHP7 code
Using FeedBurner
Added a short introduction to the start page
Added glyphicons to menu
Using AssetManager for Favicon Converter
Use renderAjax where applicable
Added code highlighting
Fixed various little bugs
Using correct path to Sass include
Merged tech into site
Using AssetManager for images
Fix: embeds did not display
Changed the brand-logo font
Only log errors
Introducing an on-demand approach for recent tracks
Moved WPA PSK Calculator to the Calculator section
Create PDF files from console for caching
Customise bootstrap to have a slightly smaller css output
Convert space to middot for better readability in Phonetic Converter
Moved more component to the bootstrap helpers
Moving to usleep to allow to 0.2s delay. This obeys rate limit
Removed the offline layout
Using the new UrlNormalizer
Removed unused functions
More consistent usage of bootstrap helper
Use Html::icon for Glyphicons
Removed cacheFileSuffix
Use the webhook payload directly
Add proper user agent for outgoing requests
Use yii\httpclient\Client
Moved the webhook for GitHub to a new WebhookController
Moved vendor directory
Switched from LESS to Sass
Make use of Yii::$app->assetManager basePath & baseUrl
Class names should be declared in StudlyCaps to comply with PSR-1
Added multiple languages to Phonetic Alphabet
Enhanced the procedure for Phonetic Alphabet
Allow Phonetic Alphabets to be selected
More changes after moving to single domain
Use native yii\web\AssetConverter
Calling HtmlPurifier using Formatter
Switch to native Yii2 formatter
Made use of Yii::t for singular/plural forms
Unused use statement should be avoided
Moving to single domain for SSL purposes
Ping? Pong!
New page: NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator
Improvement: changelog entries are never deleted
Fix: tag search result
Changelog is not limited to x items
Revert "Improvement: changelog can serve a proper lastModified header"
Improvement: changelog can serve a proper lastModified header
Minor visual tweaks to changelog & tools/headers
Introduced param changelogCount
Fix: feed name must be hardcoded
Fix: missing use statement
$_SERVER variable must be in capital -> HTTP_X_GITHUB_EVENT
Changelog listens to GitHub webhook
New page: Changelog
Unused variable $mail
Using $limit in Tags::findTagWeights
Unused use statement should be avoided
Initial commit