Class Reference

Class Description
thoulah\fontawesome\Icon Provides a quick and easy way to access icons.
thoulah\fontawesome\IconComponent IconComponent provides an easy way to access Font Awesome icons throughout your project.
thoulah\fontawesome\IconWidget4 Provides an easy way to access icons as a widget.
thoulah\fontawesome\assets\FontAwesomeAsset Asset bundle for the Font Awesome CSS file.
thoulah\fontawesome\bootstrap4\ActiveField Provides an easy way to use icons in forms are described on the Boostrap Input group page.
thoulah\fontawesome\bootstrap4\ActiveForm A Font Awesome enhanced version of \yii\bootstrap4\ActiveForm.
thoulah\fontawesome\helpers\DOMDocument Represents an entire HTML or XML document; serves as the root of the document tree.
thoulah\fontawesome\helpers\Image Helper class to load and manipulate images.