Solitary Experiments

Solitary Experiments formed in 1994 as a collaboration between Dennis Schober and Michael Thieleman, who had briefly collaborated before as 'Plague'. The following years saw occasional live shows and the release of a couple of demo tapes before the song 'God, Where Are You?' from the 'New Violent Breed' compilation in 1999, which would become a hit in their native Germany as well as Holland and the USA. Their debut album 'Final Approach' was released on Machinery later that year. Read more on

01 · The Edge of Life (symphonic version)
02 · Immortal (symphonic version)
03 · Beg Your Pardon (symphonic version)
04 · Déjà Vu (symphonic version)
05 · Delight (symphonic version)
06 · Epiphany (symphonic version)
07 · Trial and Error (symphonic version)
08 · Stars (symphonic version)
Solitary Experiments - Heavenly Symphony (2015)